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The Felon's Homepage

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The Felon's Homepage

"The Felon" Lex Reed
The Indy's Hottest Wrestler
Bio:Back by Popular Demand? Straight from Blackpool, England UK....International Superstar... There is talk that ICW Pro in NC is making a comeback! The Felon has been in Lock-down only allowed out for singing,Acting and Stunt gigs, But Mean Marc Ash was seen at J. Reuben Long Detention Center Handing the Warden a wad of CASH$$$! Could this mean that Badd Company is coming back? Will Lex Reed still be considered Felon or has he been pardoned? J. Rueben Long is saying that Lex Reed has served his Time!
To all who supported me with Drag-n-Fly....Thanks for the Memories.......It was one heck of a ride......To Jacob Timmons......You still owe me an Opportunity to Sing out Live with you and your Drag-n-Fly.....It was fun while it lasted....Peace and good luck....Shane
Tale of The Tape: Ht >>>>>6'5
Wt >>>>>250
Biceps >>>20In

Home: J.Reuben Long Detention Center

Convictions:Resisting Arrest, Assualt and Battery of High and Aggaravated Nature, Assaulting a Police Officer(Felony Charge), Disorderly Conduct

Former Partners: The Untouchable ,John Thundercloud, Brent Maverick
Jonny Dollars,Tracy Gilbert ,Marc Ash
Neal Terrell , Ivan Koloff, The Iranian Butcher
Kevin Reed , Dr. J.D. Legacy

Former Managers: Dr. J.D. Legacy ,Dexter Holley

Former Promotions: Carolina Championship Wrestling
Palmetto Championship Wrestling
American Classic Wrestling
Independant Championship Wrestling
Independant Wrestling Federation
World Class Wrestling
East Coast Pro Wrestling

Former Opponents: Marc Ash,Tommy Casanova Sgt Craig Pittman
The Death Squad(Men on a Mission)
"Chief" Wahoo Mcdaniels , Talon
Juice , Tommy Landel, Brent Maverick
Ivan Koloff,"MadMan"Jonny Z,Junkyard Dog

Favorite Holds: Swinging NeckBreaker,Straight-Jacket(Katahajimi),Prison Bust
Favorite Wrestler: "The Felon" Lex Reed of Course
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