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News and Gossip


The Felon is the former ECPW Heavyweight Champ.He is also working for ACCW in Wilmington NC and anyone else who appreciates Brutality on their show!
NWA-Wildside got a small taste of the Felon on Oct 7 2000,as he took on none other than Tommy Casanova in Cornelia Ga. If you are a fan of WWF or any other organization contact them about hiring "the Felon".

The Felon took on the Grapplers in a Winning effort with Dave Renegade in Wilmington NC on January 13. Look for more of the Felon in NC and SC in the Coming months.

The Felon is ready for WWF or anyone who wants to take the trip to J.Rueben Long Detention center.

Contributed by Felon


The Rumor is That the Felon is Currently negotiating with officials in XPW and OVW.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!